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Congratulations! The wait is worth it!

22 December
Posted by:
Michael Grose

In Western countries we have an enormous capacity to get what we want immediately. Our increased purchasing capacity compared to past generations enables the gap between wanting and having has diminished greatly.

This applies to kids as well as adults. A new Harry Potter book was be released at midnight, and by the end of the day many kids had their own copy. The move to immediacy is becoming normal. But is it the only way?

Sometimes the anticipation is better than the real thing. Having to wait can increase the appreciation. It can also lead to a bigger let-down but that’s life!

Having to wait is similar to having to work for something. It’s builds character and also makes you and kids more discriminatory.

If your kids are waiting until Christmas to receive that toy/bike/ item of clothing/ special thing and they are just busting to get it, then well done!

You’ve heightened enjoyment & built some character simply by increasing the gap between I want & I have.

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