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Activities for kids -mix it up this holiday

20 December
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Holidays are the weirdest things when you have kids!

We can’t wait until they come. There’s a collective sigh as school ends and we get off the activity roundabout. Then it’s full steam ahead to Christmas and then the long break.

It’s great to spend some down-time with your kids but it can also become tedious for them and you.

I always found it best to mix the activities up during the holidays.

That is, mix the time between the 3 F’s - Family time, Free time & Friend time.

Family time is the time they spend with you one-on-one, playing with their siblings or when the whole gang goes out or just hangs together.

Free time is about kids occupying themselves, which is a really important skill. So don't be on the go all the time, so kids have the chance to keep themselves occupied.

Friend time is about kids spending some time with their mates either in the neighbourhood or from school. This may mean that you spend some time in the car driving them to be with their friends. It’s also about parents spending time with friends as well.

Get the balance right between the 3 F's and there’s more of a chance that you’ll all have a great break....... and no one will get too sick of each other.

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