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Elevate this

2 December
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Michael Grose
Last week I saw Mary Poppins, the musical.

As a theatre fan I absolutely loved it! A stunner!

I pondered any parenting lessons I could glean from the original super nanny's work. I placed 5 learnings on my blog.
Read more here.

BUT watching Mary Poppins do her nanny thing reinforced something I've been thinking about for quite a while now.

There is something that some people bring to their parenting that you just won’t read in parenting books. It’s something you can’t really teach. It’s not skilled-based.

Yet, it’s an ingredient that can have a monumental impact on children’s behaviour and well-being if it’s used properly.
That ingredient is your personality.

It’s the part of you that you let shine when you are around your friends, or when you’re with your partner but somehow can get lost when you’re around your own kids.

Perhaps situations or, even children, can become overwhelming or we just get tired.

Anyway, Poppins has a BIG personality. You knew who she is!

She 'kids' her charges along (by adding A spoonful of sugar......) when they are unsure about new situations. Her enthusiasm for whatever they are doing is so infectious that the kids are simply carried along in her wake. They feel great about what they do.

Okay, Poppins is a made-up character and in real life we don’t suddenly break out into song when the kids get screw up their nose about the slightest thing.

BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your personality to the fore when you raise your kids. It’s a pretty big asset. One that we don’t give enough credit to.

Here are 3 ways to elevate your personality into a real parenting asset:
  1.  Try some humour when kids misbehave. I know one mum who said to her whining eight-year-old, “You think you’ve had a bad day. Come and listen to my day.” She proceeded to list all the rotten things she had to contend with and her daughter was off like a shot. Another mother I know planted a big, wet kiss on her fourteen year old son’s cheek when he dropped the F*&% word in public in earshot. It embarrassed the hell out of him!
  2.  Be enthusiastic. My wife was an expert, (a con artist maybe more accurate), at selling my kids on her ideas. A quick meal cooked in a hurry was still presented with all the pizzazz and fanfare of a four course feast. “You’ll love this, I know!” was her attitude. Her enthusiasm generally proved irresistible.
  3.  Be decisive & strong when it matters: Ever noticed how kids will fall into line when you are really sold on something? Recently, I saw a mother remind her nine year old daughter that she should accept an birthday party invitation from a quiet girl in her class, even though she didn’t want to go. The nine year old, who is often argumentative, meekly agreed as she could see her mother was adamant that accepting the invitation was the right thing to do!!!! Kids will usually fall into line when you are really sure about something.

Whether you are parenting toddlers, or contending with teenagers, look for ways to elevate your personality to persuade, to build relationships and create a sense of fun in your family.

Go Mary!!!
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