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Can you see the wood for the (Christmas) trees?

9 December
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Michael Grose


That was the sound of the family Christmas tree keeling over in my living room on Sunday night.

It was so heavily decorated that it couldn’t carry the weight!

I guess you could say we got a little carried away decorating the damn thing.

One of my family's Christmas traditions is to add a new decoration every year for each of our kids, and for each of their partners. Right now that adds up to five new decorations.

That has quite a cumulative effect!

Most of the decorations have little memories or stories attached, so we’ve been loathe to throw them out.

“That’s the one I chose when I was sick. You can’t throw that out....”

“Don’t throw that one out. I love that one!”

So buckling under the weight of so many trinkets over the tree went, breaking most of the glass decorations.

This forced us to clip back the tree (it was too big anyway) and do a much-needed decoration clean-out. 

It was a good reminder about a couple of important things that we can easily lose sight of at this time of the year.

First, it’s easy to commoditise Christmas so that you see it as a type of numbers game. That’s what had happened to us.

We’d forgotten that the important part was getting together to decorate the tree, rather than the tree itself, it’s size and what was on it. You need to work out what’s important for you and your family and focus like a laser beam on those basics!

Second, it was a reminder that we accumulate a lot of things throughout the year including enmities, outmoded beliefs and bad thinking habits that can weigh you down, even hold you back. It helps to do a clean-out of outmoded or unhelpful habits (both parenting and personal) to prevent things from crashing down around you.

So folks,( this is about as esoteric as I get in these Happy Kids articles) my challenge for you................
................. is to stay focused on the important things at this time of the year, rather than be waylaid by the urgent and the commercial.

And the important things have to do with time and activity sharing, memory-building and sanity -saving – not necessarily in that order.

Have a good one.
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