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Conquering self-consciousness in kids

15 August
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Michael Grose

Self-consciousness can be awful. It’s the feeling you get that everyone is looking at you.

Self-consciousness can come and go.

Often eldest boys when in pre-school are extremely shy and self-conscious. It can make them do silly things.

Early teen girls often suffer from it, particularly if they are early or late maturers. Some kids just hate to do anything in public for fear of being noticed.......and perhaps laughed at.

But self-consciousness can happen at any age.

How to parent children who experience this temporary shyness?

Here are four ideas:

1. Help them prepare for public performances. They can practise a talk or even rehearse an opening line to help them break the ice in social situations.

2. Use baby steps in social situations: If they feel uncomfortable meeting a whole bunch of new people, then they can just meet one new friend at a party, rather than try to meet too many people, which can be overwhelming.

3. Practise strong self-talk: Self-conscious kids often have atrocious self-talk. They say everyone is watching them enter a room, when the reality is quite different. Help them develop some realistic and more assertive messages about themselves (e.g. "I can meet new people easily. No problem!")

4. Catch kids being brave: What you focus on expands so make sure you highlight kids’ being brave and overcoming possibly embarrassing situations.

What do you to help kids conquer their self-consciousness?

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