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Siblings or parents - who's more influential?

16 August
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Are siblings or more parents more influential in determining a child's

According to the lead article in the recent (July 06) edition of Time
magazine in the US the latest research from around the world indicates that
it is siblings rather than parents who are most influential in personality

We learn so much from our siblings including how to resolve conflict, how to
make friends and also a great deal about genders. Some of us copy our
siblings, while others will be opposite to our sibling.

The studies indicated that siblings who were cool to each other as kids
often warm to each other in adult life. It is sisters who tend to become
closest as adults, than say two brothers.

I agree with many of the findings in Time as for years I have felt that the
place of siblings has been underated - they are more significant than we
think in personality development. As important as parents and more
significant than peers.

For more information about siblings read Why first borns rule the world and
last borns want to change it

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