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You'll Pay

16 April
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Many sibling disputes are essentially about dominance or more accurately, restoring the balance of power.

‘Know thy place’ is at the heart of a great deal of sibling conflict! Families work well when everyone knows their place.

Families are always in motion. They are always testing themselves out and each other out. Nothing stays the same.

“You’ll pay!” is at the heart of many disputes particularly when a younger child taunts, tests or troubles an elder child. The younger child who borrows a toy from his elder sibling without asking and who returns it broken can expect to pay!

The child who dobs on an elder sibling for getting into trouble at school can expect to pay! The younger sister who steals a boy away from an older sister can expect to pay! “You’ll Pay” is not just about retribution.

It’s also about knowing your place. When the younger sibling pays their dues the balance of power is restored.......for a time.
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