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A walk in the park

23 April
Posted by:
Michael Grose

Just spent time in New York.

I noticed how playgrounds are very different there than in Australia. No Astroturf. No risk-free play areas.

All natural.

Lots of moving parts.

They are fenced and gated to keep kids in.

They have some shovels for digging, carts for pulling and lots of rope for skipping.

They promoted free play and interaction.

Adults weren't needed. They just had to supervise.

Wouldn’t see that in an Australian park.

We’ve removed much of the risk, and a lot of the fun as well.

The parks were always full. And the kids were always busy and having fun.

We can learn a lot from New York parks and the mindset that's behind them.

Keep them natural; make sure there are plenty of things to push, pull and manipulate and don't make them plain vanilla safe.

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