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Backbone or wishbone parenting

7 April
Posted by:
Michael Grose

I heard some parents talking about their kids spending all their time on their mobile phones in their bedrooms.

It seems all the technology activity is keeping the kids up at night.

One mum was heard to say, “I tell her (14 year old) all the time to turn off her mobile and go to sleep, but she takes no notice. What can I do?”

Try wrestling the mobile off her.

You’ve got to know what’s worth fighting with your kids over, and I think that getting a good night’s sleep rates alongside “being home when you say you will” and “treating your friends well” as issues worth standing your ground for.

In case you weren’t aware, many kids today are incredibly sleep-deprived, impacting on mental health and learning.

It's better to apply your backbone than your wishbone when the issues are important.
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