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Ten is too young for a Brazilian

7 April
Posted by:
Michael Grose

An article in January 8th (2008) Melbourne's The Age caught my eye. Written by staff writer Larissa Dubecki it focussed on the 2007 release of the Pretty range of hair removal products by Nair aimed at the 10-15 year old age group- or in Nairspeak "first time hair removers".

Yep. You read right. Ten year olds girls - roughly Year 5 and 6 - according to the Nair website"at an age when the childhood fuzz is becoming thicker and coarser hair. It's time to give some serious thought to removing it." a site visited by nine to 14 year olds claims that "Nobody really likes hair in their private regions......" .
Good grief. What next? Baby Brazilians.

Now anyone who has followed my thoughts over the past few years will realise that I am on a bit of a crusade about preserving kids' childhood, as much as possible. (Sign up to Happy Kids, my FREE newsletter for parents at

There are lots of reasons developmental reasons why kids should be kids and not dragged into adolescence before their bodies and minds do this for them.

For some years now tweenie fashion (for girls) has had a higly sexual edge to it - exposed midriffs, skimpy tops, and glitter make-up for starters. Now we have hair removal products for tweenies just to completely blur the lines between childhood and adulthood even more.

Nair's online advertising presents hair removal as a type of rite of passage. It suggests at the age of ...... (the website doesn't actually state an age but you can guess) you can start removing hair from your body. The big question to ask is WHY? WHY would a young person want to go through all the hoopla of hair removal. One can only assume to make yourself more attractive, but to whom? Again it is unstated but let me fill the blank.... the opposite sex.

It is hard to be a parent today when there are so many commercial interests that DO NOT act in the best interests of children and young people. Resist this latest craze for goodness sake and let girls be kids just a little longer. I can just see a question at my next seminar that goes along these lines; "What age do you think girls should get a Brazilian. My eleven year old daughter keeps bugging me about it?" Good grief!

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